Saturday, November 19

Christians Christmas List Ideas: For Myriam

Hi Myriam!

Here is the list I sent you in your email.  Sorry the pictures didn't show up! 

Pick and choose whatever you like.  I know that #1 on the list is his favorite for sure :)

1. Plasyskool Explore 'N Grow Busy Ball Popper  $19.98 at Toys R Us (they also have this at Walmart)

Click to Buy Ball Popper 
Kylin has this and Christian plays with it every time we go visit.  He's pointing at the screen and yelling BALL right now.  :)

2. Animal Neck Pillow for car- $9.34 at Target
Click to Buy Neck Pillow
Christians neck is always falling over when he falls asleep in the car, thought this might work for him ;) Plus its a monkey and he'd love that.
 3.  Leapfrog My Own Leaptop- $19 at Amazon (also at Target)
Click to Buy Laptop
Since Christian loves all things electronic we thought he would love this and it can help teach him numbers and letters too.
4. Small CD Player- $20
Chris had the good idea to get Christian a CD player to play at bedtime/naptime to block out the crying baby (anything to keep him in bed :) Since he loves to dance so much I thought he'd also use it a lot during the week when he's playing in his room. 
Click to Buy CD Player

5. Cars.  Christian has recently discovered the movies Cars and now I have to avoid that entire aisle at Wal-Mart.  :)  He'd love anything Cars, especially one that moved.  Here are a few he'd love.
Click to Buy Shake and Go Car  $14.99  at Toys R Us.  You shake the car to get it to drive around the room. 
Fisher Price Mack Hauler And Mcqueen Cars- $34.99  Car races down back of hauler
Click to Buy Mack Hauler And Mcqueen Cars at Target
6.  Anything Thomas the Train.  All I hear around here is Choo-Choo.  He must officially be all-boy now because he is obsessed with all things cars and trains.  :)  Here are some Thomas ideas:

Fisher Price Take-n-Play Thomas & Friends: "Bust My Buffers" Thomas Engine- $14.99

Click to Buy Take-n-Play-Thomas at Target

Thomas Wooden Railway Carry Case & Playmat $17.59- this is a little case to take trains with him and has a flat mat inside it so he can drive his trains on it.  Target and Wal Mart have the little 4 packs of trains that he can drive on this mat. 

Click to Buy Carry case and mat at Target

7. FAO Schwarz Tin Cash Register- $24.99 at Toys R Us- I think C would get a kick out of this. 
Click to Buy Cash Register

8. Sidewalk Chalk- I got a six piece set of chalk for Christian for Easter and he has almost used them up.  $5.99
Click To Buy Sidewalk chalk

9. Bubble Gun- $7.99  This would be a great stocking stuffer for Christian.  He loves bubbles but hasn't figured out how to blow them yet, so I think he'd enjoy this gun.
Click To Buy Bubble Blaster

Sizes for Clothes: Currently (winter stuff)Shoes- 8 or 8.5 ToddlerShirts- 3TPants- 2TUnderwear- 2THat- Kids SmallPJ's- 3T
If warmer weather clothing 3T and 4T

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