Monday, November 21

Just The Numbers

  • 33 Weeks.  Tomorrow I hit this new milestone.  I will try and take a picture.  
  • 3 Coordinated Outfits. Tomorrow we take our Christmas pictures! I'm doing a red and black mix of clothes so it works for Christmas but I can still display the pictures without it being too obvious.  It's suppose to be 81 degrees tomorrow ...oh Savannah.
  • 233 Projects to complete. I know this one is a slight exaggeration but seriously in my pregnant mind it feels that way.  The room is be painted today? The birds I'm making are about where they were last week.  One done, nine to go.  I've still got to cover the chaise and find a rug.  Not to mention the art that is not even a thought right now. It will come together.  I say this a lot in my head.  
  •  1 Crazy Haired 21 Month Old.  Christian definitely knows something is up. He finally said "Baby" last night. He pointed to his baby doll and said baby, then pointed to my stomach and repeated it again.  You could see the little light bulb go off in his head.  He was really excited and clapped for himself. 
  • 14 Pairs of Cuddly Newborn Pajamas. So sweet, little pajamas.  It was like going down memory lane last night as I showed Chris things Christian use to wear.  There were lots of, "No way he ever fit in that!" and lots of me digging up old photos to prove it.  Its amazing how big (& Potty Trained!) he is now.  I'm so excited we get to do it all over again.  
  • 1 Super Awesome Husband.  Christo has been so great helping me get everything done, keeping Christian entertained so that I can go pick up stuff for the baby and get our Christmas shopping done.  Taking over bath time, running Christian to the potty when I'm tired after doing it all day, and just being sweet even when I feel like I weigh a thousand pounds, I'm limping and may be grumpy...may.  Ha ha.

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