Monday, July 18

Baby # 2 Who?

It seems that with all the traveling and cleaning and packing and unpacking I've been doing the last few weeks I really haven't had much time to think or prepare for baby #2.  Seriously, besides the window-computer shopping I got to do on Saturday (because we turned off our phones, closed our blinds and laid on the couch all day was amazing) that's really all I've done.  Poor second child.  Hopefully I will get it together by the time he/she arrives. 

I'm really hoping that I can get two ideas together for the room, one girly, one all boy, so that as soon as we find out the sex (6 weeks!) we can get right into GO mode and get it done.  Did I mention I'm freaking out about getting it all done?  You know me, I have a serious list going already.  We had Christians room finished pretty early and I felt so much better once it was ready for him, so I'm going to try and do that again. 

So far the plan is to move all of Christians furniture into the babies room, and then Christian will get new dressers and a bookcase.  He already has his new bed!

How cute is this bed? It starts out small, about the size of a crib mattress and then grows to a twin when your kiddo gets bigger.  The mattress grows too.  Christian loves it.  Thank you so much Mimi & Papa!

I want to get a big bookcase for Christians room so that I can move some of his toys up there...its getting a bit out of control downstairs, plus with a C section I'm probably going to be stuck upstairs for a bit.  Here's the one I'm thinking:

I'm going to lay it length ways and put toys on the bottom row, books on the top row and put all his stuffed animals sitting on top. Then next to it, I'll put a bean bag and a few floor pillows and make it a cozy reading corner.  A few dressers and his room will be done! Since I have all the baby furniture already, all I need to do is decide on bedding, curtains and decorations for the new baby.  The fun part!  My only constraint is the dark furniture (which I love) and the brown chair...which I think I can work around if its a girl, and will work fine for a boy. 

I'm working on a few ideas so when I get some idea boards done I'll post them right away.

Love, Nicole

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