Saturday, July 16

The Fourth of July

My parents have been in town for two weeks visiting and we had such a good time.  Christian and I were in Oklahoma with them for two weeks before that, so we got lots of good time with them.  It was fun to have them here for the fourth, and we went out to the beach to watch the fireworks.  Here's a few pictures of Christian on the 4th.  We made sure to take part in all things summery, with watermelon, cold drinks, some pool time and numerous viewings of Independence Day and the Sandlot (a thank you to Chris Baksa-who enforces our official holiday movie selection).

Yumm! Watermelon & ice cold water
Thinking about sharing with Angelo
C got some sun in this hot Georgia heat

Hope you had a great holiday and got to spend it with your friends and family!
Love, Nicole

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