Saturday, July 16

Fourteen Weeks

Tuesday marked my official  2nd trimester! Woo hoo! Here's an update on how the first trimester was and how I'm feeling now.

1st 13 weeks-
  • Tired! So tired.
  • Dizzy. I had to sit in the car a few times and get it together before I could drive.
  • Nauseous.  Sick to my stomach. Gaggy.  It was not fun.
  • Did I mention tired? I started napping with Christian every day and passing out right after his bedtime.  
I've felt way better already.  The sickness feeling is for the most part gone and the dizziness is over.  I'm still a little tired but I'm not having to nap for two hours everyday (just some days :) so its looking up.

Here's what I look like now at 14 weeks:
Look at this giant stomach!
Seriously this bump is out of control
To show you just how ridiculously large I am this time, let me show you a picture of me pregnant with 22 weeks!
Yes people that's 8 weeks ahead of (previous-bump)schedule.  I mean they say you show a lot sooner the second time...but where is this headed? I may be stopping these pictures around 25 weeks...for everyone's benefit :)

Love, Nicole

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