Thursday, September 1

Baby Clothes & The Cutest Toddler Ever

 I bought these for the boys.  That sounds so weird! "my boys!" So exciting :)  I got these on a crazy deal at Carters, less than three dollars a piece...size 3 months and 3T. 
 Grandma Baksa bought this one.  Isn't it sweet? I can't wait to have a brand new baby all snuggled up in this.
 Grandma Baksa picked this one up for us too.  Isn't it sweet?
 I love this one!
 We picked this up right after our appointment per our tradition. 
 Another Carters buy, this one is thermal, and so sweet

 This is my favorite! How cute is this? It may be the take home outfit...
 Here is Christian modeling the babies hooded blanket.  This blanket is so soft.  I'm worried I'm going to have to get one for him because he is seriously attached to it. 
 Is this not the sweetest picture?! Oh I love this one.  He was so happy to have this blanket on.

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