Sunday, September 25

How Its Coming Along

The decorating that is...

We spent the weekend in Orlando and got some great stuff for the babies room, for Christian, and for the house.  Yeah! My rooms are coming along.  Here are a few shots of what they look like so far. 

 This is a new area in the living room.  I got this vase at Home Goods for $14! We got two ledge shelves and a bunch of white frames in different sizes from Ikea.  I'm hoping that this can be a place to put our family picture (when we get one!).  Once the baby is born I want to get one of the four of us printed on a canvas.   

 These are the new pillows.  I'm still missing one green one, but I've got to figure out what I want.  I wanted to bring in this new lighter blue color and these pillows were perfect.  Both the white and blue ones are super soft velvety cotton.
 Here's one up close shot of the bookcase.  I got this blue plate at Home Goods and it really helped me match the blue in the room.  Before most everything in the bookcase was gold, white and green.  I thought bringing in another color would really make it pop. 
Here is the full bookcase shot.  I wanted to really hide all the kid toys and take back my living room!  All the black cubbies at the bottom are full of Christians toys.  I love this new look and we feel like we have our grownup living room back.  I was also able to organize the toys more in these bins, and we also brought a lot of them upstairs now that Christian has a play area in his new big boy room. 

A few close up bookcase details.  I am going to get some pictures printed for the bookcase this week.  I added a few new frames, and blue accent pieces.  I also got rid of a lot of the clutter that was in the bookcase.  Yeah for throwing stuff in the trash! Everytime I hit this nesting stage I toss out some serious trash.  I am so excited the living room is almost done.  Thank you to everyone that made it possible with such amazing birthday presents! All I really have left to do is the picture ledge area and clean out the front closet.

Here are a few shots of the dining room redo.  Now that all of our mail and bags are in the pantry (photos coming soon) I can have this little area set up in the dining room all the time.  I love it.  Something about coming into the kitchen and not seeing mail, bills, bags and magazines all over the table just makes me feel calm!  I also moved our wedding china to a new safe spot and instead did some non-breakable decorating on the corner shelf.  Now I don't have to always shudder as Christian goes running by this.  I made the little "Cocina" sign and the red frame is a chalk board.  I just need to find my chalk...

 Here is the first peeks of Christians Big Boy Room!  I can't believe my little guy is so big.  Moving his baby furniture out of this room was so sad and so exciting at the same time.  I still can't believe we are going to have a little boy and a baby boy.  We decided to pull Christians twin bed out all the way (it grows with him) so that we would have room if we needed to lay in here with him. 
 Here is the new dresser from Ikea.  This took Chris some serious time to put together and had about 500 pieces.  Gotta love Ikea.
 Here is the new play area in his room.  I thought that with the new baby we might be upstairs more often and it would be nice for Christian to have a place to play.  We got him a mini bookcase of our one downstairs and put all his books and stuffed animals in it.  He was very excited to see it when he got up from his nap. 
 This is the new bedding I found at Target.  I got an amazing deal on this set.  It came with the comforter, the sham, the pillow case, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet.  Originally it was seventy-five dollars...I got it for $14.95!!!  I mean you can't beat that deal.  Aren't the sheets adorable?
 Here's a close up of the comforter.  The colors were perfect for the room.  I really lucked out on finding them. 
Once I clean the room up a bit I'll take some more pictures.  The one angle I didnt' get is pretty much a giant heap of junk I haven't gone through yet.  That and the insane closet of his.  Full of junk. 

Love, coley

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