Monday, September 5

Labor Day Weekend

Chris and I have taken Labor Day weekend literally and put in some serious work over the last three days.  We have completely emptied our garage and thrown away a truck full of trash.  We also got a truck full to donate, and the rest went back in.  Chris came up with some great ways to hang things, and has gotten so much of it off the floor.  I would have taken before pictures, but when I went to do so it was so horrifying the camera battery immediatley died.  Seriously.  It was that bad.

We decided that this time we were taking a different approach on the whole garage clean out day.  Mostly because we have lived here almost four years and this is probably our third serious garage cleaning.  We figured out our major problem is we just love to keep stuff (not to the Hoarders extent so please don't sign us up...but still it was getting ridiculous). 

Deep down I know we both have this feeling that one day, ONE DAY (even if that day is in ten years) we will want that weird plate/old mirror/piece of metal and we'll be so glad we kept it.  Oh we will rave about how we just knew we should keep that, and look at all the money we saved by not having to buy another one! (insert slapping each other on the back and high fives)

People- this has never happened.  We do not use this junk.  To make matters worse we are also sentimental junkies.  Chris had almost every notebook from college.  (For the memories!) I had boxes of cards and letters.  Boxes.  Now it lives in the city dump.  Sorry Chris' freshman year professor of Macroeconomics and my eighth grade boyfriend.  It had to be done.  You will live on in our memories. 

Next up was the pantry/mudroom.  This room was a work in progress.  There were about five unfinished projects going on in there.  I've always wanted to add a bench so we can sit down, take off our shoes, put our bags on it, ect.  I just couldn't find one.  Anywhere.  Well I found a few for over $200 but that wasn't happening.  Not when there was more tupperware boxes to hold memories to be purchased! In comes the idea that Chris make one.  Hummmm....

But he did people.  He really did.  And it looks awesome.  I'm going to cover it and add a few pillows (recycled from the living room) and paint the legs and its done.  I spray painted some cubbies to hold our stuff, added a mail center, got a few dry erase calendars, hung hooks for our coats and bags and threw an insane amount of junk in the trash.  It looks so awesome! I'll post pictures as soon as the bench is done. 

I will now be able to drive my car into the garage, get the kid(s) out, sit them on the bench, take shoes and coats off, have an actual place to store them, hang my keys and bag, drop the mail off AND (the best part) shut that door behind me.  I may pass out the first time I walk in the front door and don't trip over eight pairs of shoes and three bags. 

Next up on Take Back This House From the Clutter....

Kitchen cabinet reorganize/donate (we have WAY more stuff than we use in there) & Living room re-purpose (I've got to find room for a swing, a pack-n-play & a baby bouncer chair--?ugh)

Love, Nicole

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