Wednesday, September 28

Somewhere for Baby to Sleep

When Christian was a baby we slept him in our room in the pram that attaches to our stroller.  It was right next to our bed and was the perfect height.  This time that is not going to work because I'm going to need the stroller for Christian and New Baby, since I will not be able to manage them both out alone.

I'm on the look out for something that will work.  My engineer wants to borrow this little seat from our friends and rig up some sort of chair table for it (its very low to the ground and I don't like the idea of the baby being so low I have to get on the ground to see him).  I really won't sleep a wink, I'll be thinking the baby is going to fall off the table thing (or get pulled down by a toddler...)

My other problem with this is that I'm afraid if we sleep the baby in this 24/7 for the first three months that when it comes time to move him to his crib he will not want to sleep flat since this is at such an angle.  That is not a battle I want to fight:)

If they were giving them away (and I"m pretty sure they do not :) I would get this bassinet from Pottery Barn Kids.  Isn't it beautiful?  I just love it.  Its ridiculous though, like $300! That's robbery for something you are not going to use that long and then you have to find some place to store it....Not going to happen, but a fun thought. 

Then there is the stand that holds our pram thing from our stroller.  It would be nice to get this because I already have the sheets and everything for it, and then it would free up the wheels so I could use the stroller in my day to day life.  Only bummer is its $100.  That seems like a lot for legs....hum....
So I'm still on the search...let me know if you see anything that might work.
Love, Nicole

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