Tuesday, November 1

Halloween 2011

Christian had such a great time trick-or-treating.  He caught on a lot quicker than either Chris or I thought...must have something to do with the candy.  I hope he catches on the potty training this weekend just as fast :)

Little kids kept saying "Hi Mario!" when they saw Christian and he kept waving back and saying hi like he knew they were talking to him :) It was too funny. 

How cute are they? I couldn't believe Christian kept his mustache on as long as he did, it was too funny, covered his whole mouth. 

lets go!

More pictures to come...can't get them off the disk...need my IT helper and he's at work. 

I did get in on the Mario action a little bit, I was Princess Peach...minus the dress or the yellow hair (as one little trick-or-treater told me :), her exact quote, "If I'm not mistaken you are Princess Peach...well minus the dress and the yellow hair..right?" haha.  Yes little girl, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and they don't sell princess Peach dresses for people with giant stomachs :)  Not that I would buy one...wow that would be a sight. 

Love, Nicole

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