Thursday, July 26

Plans of Their Own

I have grand plans to go to the gym this morning with a few of my friends and their kiddos.  I tried this yesterday and got in a 25 minute workout because Gibson was screaming so hard the childcare workers were afraid he'd explode. :) No seriously, I think her exact words were, "he's crying so hard, so loud, so...yeah something must be wrong."  I then walked in, picked him up and he immediately stopped crying/wailing/flailing. I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces.  I'd translate it as, "wow, we've watched some babies in our day, but this one fooled us."  Childcare Workers: 0, Gibson:2 (oh I didn't mention this was the second time he'd pulled this?) He likes to call it Act 2, you know because its all an act. :)

So here we are all dressed and no where to go.  I'm keeping my workout clothes on in hopes that I will at some point today be able to work out.  You know in addition to the workout Gibson is doing on my brain.  I just can't figure this little guy out.  He is attached to me so often that when he's not (for like twenty minutes- starting the minute poor Christopher walks in the door) I feel like I'm missing a limb.

Hopefully we get this guy sleeping on his own soon.  I'm afraid. Very afraid,  to do the Cry It Out method.  Mostly because I'll be doing a lot of the crying.  That and I know how stubborn this baby is.  He may never stop crying! He has had many showdowns with my other stubborn guy (hint, he's 30) and I won't give you the count, but Gibson is way in the lead. 

Well I think I might try this childcare thing one more time.  This time with another set of unsuspecting childcare workers (poor dears).  Wish me luck!

love, Nicole

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