Wednesday, July 25

Twice As Much Work?

Whoever said that two kids are twice as much work, only had one child.  It is at least triple the work as far as I can tell.  In fact as I sit here typing one little guy is sitting on my lap and the other is trying to climb up my back.(you guess which one...)  I think they have a secret language and when one falls asleep he knows that the other will be sure to create a little mischief to keep me on my toes.  Like taking a huge water bottle full of water and dumping it in the backseat of the car.  Boys: 1, Mommy: 0.

I don't think I've ever been so tired.  Someone is always being held (Gibson), or needs me to get him something (Christian) and I have to say as crazy as it is, I really do love every minute of being their mommy, even when I want to hide in the bathroom :) Which was like 5 times today.  I didn't...but I wanted to.

I know once Gibson starts crawling the real madness will begin as he will then be able to track me down wherever I go.  Right now he gets by with SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS EVERY TIME I PUT HIM DOWN.  It works pretty well he says.

I always put up cute pictures of the boys, or photos that don't show the crazy toy mess that is EVERYWHERE, so I figured I should put up a few real posts so you know its not all butterflies and color coordinated outfits over here.  (Like this one below :)

I originally started writing on this blog for all of our far away family and friends to keep updated on the boys and our family life because we miss them so much.  The more I write though, the more I realize how nice it is to look back when Christian was a baby and see the things he was doing, or not doing (like eating!) and realize that its not the end of the world that Gibson refuses to eat solids.  Or look back at my tiny little Christian all snuggled up in his crib and two months and laugh out loud because Gibson would rather eat a jar of peas than sleep alone.  Alone!?! With no one hugging him and keeping him company?! Heck no.  Not this month mom and dad. (more on that later)

Happy memories, or crazy I'm pulling out my hair memories, it has been fun to go back and relive them here.  So get ready to hear of some of the crazy days.  We've been having lots of them lately! :) 

And that only took me two hours to type.  Ha ha.

Love, Nicole

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  1. Props to you, you momma of 2!! I couldn't do it. But I know it's fun to watch your sons play and learn from each other. I read my past blog posts every now and then, just to see how far we have come and how much dumb stuff I worried about... when yeah, it really isn't the end of the world. Just seemed like it back then! haha I need to update my blog at some point. Kepe up the great work with your boys!