Monday, July 30

What's New

Christian is getting so big.  Here he is wearing 3T clothing! Ahhhh! I do not even know what to say about that.  He is constantly growing.  Sunday was one of those days when I discover that he is growing out of everything.  Shoes? Too small.  Jeans I tried to put on him? Too small.  He is also saying new things I didn't even know he knew.  Like, "Delicious!"  Sounds something like, Deeelishhh US!  So funny.  He's also obsessed with Matman...or Batman as you know him.  Not really sure how the marketing found him, but wow they did a good job.  He is loving Batman.  He asks to see him everyday.  Oh and go to his home.  That's another thing he is big on.  Home.  He asks where peoples homes are, and tells me when he wants to go home.  Its really sweet. 

Still the picky eater, he mostly consumes broccoli, plain white rice (we are working on whole grain), pizza, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, french fries, crackers, grilled cheese (only if I make it, not from a restaurant), and popcorn.  Oh and tortillas.  Lots of tortillas.  He still refuses most meats, but will eat shrimp and crab (!). 

Gibson has a tooth poking through! Just a tiny bit, but enough for him to eat this pickle! He loves pickles by the way and has eaten three since Saturday.  We thought we were going to get a funny face out of him, but he just loved it.  I am slowly getting Sunny to eat more food and he seems to like the strawberry yogurt I've been giving him and ate an entire jar of sweet potatoes! He is eating crackers and these pinwheel things that Christian use to love. 

I think he will crawl very soon.  He has been so close the last two days.  I'm excited and equally afraid.  There are so many things I need to put up.  I keep telling myself that I should just do it now before he is on the move, but I know I'll spend a crazy afternoon crawling all over the floor trying to baby proof while he crawls behind me. 

Oh and here is the only way Gibson will take a bottle.  He likes these tiny newborn 2 ounce bottles and he has to feed it to himself.  If you touch it, or try to help, he screeches at you like crazy.  Goodness this one is a stinker.  :)

Chris and I are good.  We got to go on a date last Friday and it was wonderful! We went to dinner and a movie.  I hadn't been to an actual movie theatre in a year.  I fell asleep. :)

Chris is doing great and really likes his new job.  It is keeping him busy and he went on a business trip a few weeks ago.  Only to Florida thank goodness.  We aren't wanting to part with him for too long just yet.  (My friends husband just got back from Amsterdam) The boys were pretty good when he was gone but we sure did miss him. 

I can't believe it is almost August.  What in the world?! This month we have a comedy show (Jim Gaffigan), a baby shower (I'm doing the decorations), a guys trip to North Carolina (I tried to get Chris to take Christian and Gibson...they are guys too! but he said No Way), and who knows what else these little people have in store for me. 

Love, Nicole

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