Tuesday, October 20


  • Furniture is here! Almost a month before we thought it would be! Since we are going out of town this weekend, we are going to go pick it up next Friday. Cannot wait to see it in the room.
  • I found my diaper bag. Its amazing. Pictures to come. (Thanks Laura for picking it up in Atlanta!)
  • Carpal Tunnel. I've got it. Apparently its very easy to get carpal tunnel when you are pregnant. Joy. We had a doctors appointment yesterday so the doctor told me all I need to do is wear a brace at night (to stop me from curling up my fingers and sleeping on my hand) and try to take it easy on it this week. Boy does it hurt.
  • We leave for Colorado tomorrow!

Can't wait to post all the pictures of our trip and our new baby stuff. Its really going to feel like we are really really having a baby with a crib in the house. Oh I can't wait.

Love, Coley

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