Thursday, October 15

Colorado Bound!

  • In 6 days we will be in wonderful Colorado to see our family & friends. We have lots of fun lined up, including a baby shower (Thanks Myriam,Darcie and Maya!!), a few shopping trips, checking out Jason's new house, post birthday celebrations with Maya and Maureen, a pre birthday celebration with Mike, did I mention shopping?!, and laying on the couch.
  • Its going to be wonderful.
  • Since we are leaving straight from work next week I need to start packing us on Saturday. That's the goal. Everyone says that you have to plan so much more when you have a baby, I think that goes for being pregnant too. I have to give myself enough time in case I get super tired or start feeling gross and just don't want to do anything. Practice for the real thing I guess :)
  • This will be my first flight since I'm actually "showing" pregnant and I'm very excited with a little nervousness thrown in. I'm sure all will be okay since this has been the most amazing pregnancy thus far, I just hope I can get comfortable on the plane since that seems to be my major issue these days.
  • I took a picture on Sunday for 23 weeks and I will try and post it tonight before the 24 weeks goes up :) 6 months on Sunday 18th! I canNOT believe it. So exciting.

  • We've gotten so much done, but lots to finish. Painting is done, we are weighing our options on whether we should start moving stuff in there yet, as the carpet needs a good cleaning. We don't have much to move in though, so may not matter. I still need to order the mobile, wall stickies, rug, fabric and a few other items online.
  • In other family news, Angelo Baksa has grown up. He's a big puppy now. This whole week Angelo has been staying at home, with free reign of the house, all by himself. We put the trash can in the pantry and shut that door (that dog doesn't need any temptations) but other than that, he's just hanging out being a big boy, err dog. I cannot fully wrap my mind around it. I never thought we'd see the day. We video taped him the first two half days (we are those parents) and watched what he did. After the first hour of running to the window, running up the stairs to that window and back, we figured we didn't need to see anymore.
  • Yeah Angelo! Freedom from the crate at last.

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