Friday, October 9

Prime, Paint, Repeat

Chris is at home today painting the babies room. I am SO excited. I'm even going home at lunch to see how far he's come and so we can decide how high to put the orange line of paint.

I am going to try and snap a few pictures tonight when he gets more done so you can see. I cannot wait for the paint to go up on the walls. When he is done with the painting we are going to start moving in the chair and hanging things up on the walls. Then all we'll have to wait for is the furniture to show up, and the fabrics....

I am having some serious trouble finding fabric. All the fabric I've found that is fun, and not too babyish (I'm sorry but I am not making these curtains for fun :) they gotta last for a little while) is Blue and Green. Green? I don't need green...I need blue and orange. Its like every cool print is with green. I'm not getting it. See?

How cute is this? Adorable. But Green. The blue isn't perfect but I could work with it, but the lack of orange is just not going to work.
Let me know if you spot anything. I'll post a few in the style I'm looking for...

love, Nicole

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