Thursday, October 8

A Few of My (*new*) Favorite Things

*Chocolate glider we are sure to spend many nights in*
(waiting in the office for the baby room to be painted)

*Our new lamp, side table and our sons first framed picture*

*3 silver frames*

*Our Color Scheme*
We are going to use this little basket to hold diapers ect on top the changing table
We also bought a hamper in the same color,
The little Nike socks, are the perfect color orange,
and the blue frame I couldn't pass up, as it matched perfectly

We are going to paint a thick orange line about the height of the crib,
everything under will be blue and everything above white.

Our Valspar paint:
La Fonda Fiesta Blue
Autumn Gala Orange
Satin Snow White

Along with our color scheme, we will have animal silhouettes around the room.
We plan to have these little guys walking on our orange line:
I think I'm going to get them in dark brown and maybe space them out a little more

Oh and I can't forget this guy:
I think the dark brown will look good with the chair and dark furniture

Speaking is our furniture, we hope to have it sometime in mid November.
*the crib*

*the changing table*

* the dresser*

*the mobile*
We are going to print pictures of our favorite people and places
and affix them to orange and blue paper,
and laminate them.
This way our little guy can see everyone and every place we love.

the end.

I am still on the hunt for:
*An Orange rug*
*An Orange pillow for the chair*
*Fabric for curtains and bedding*
*Lots of stuffed safari animals*
*A few additional frames*

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  1. Nicole, I love it all! What a lucky little boy!