Saturday, April 3


Last Friday I officially quit my job!!!!!!!!


Chris and I are so happy that I will be able to stay home with the little guy.

We are so blessed that everything fell into place like it did.
We did lots of praying and planning and more praying, and number crunching,
and are so excited to be able to head into this unknown path that is parenthood,
with one of us at home full time with Christian.

Thanks to everyone that was right there hoping and praying this would all work out with us. We love you guys and could never raise Christian without such great family and friends.

All of the family that traveled so far, Colorado!, Oklahoma! to meet Christian and all the friends that called and texted warm wishes, cooked meals, cleaned, sent prayers, and sent way, way too many presents, we want to say,
thank you so very much!

It was all of that wonderful support that allowed us to confidently decide I should quit my job. It is so good to know that we have you in our lives.

Love, the Baksas

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