Monday, April 5

Weekend Update:

Happy belated Easter everyone!

We had a lovely weekend...I got to spend some time with friends Friday and Saturday afternoon and Sunday we had a full day with Church, an Easter Egg Hunt we put on for the neighbor girls, and Easter lunch at the Chan's.

Christian looked adorable in his blue and white little outfit, I wore a ruffly pink skirt and Christopher was as handsome as ever in a blue and white dress shirt and khakis.

Our church does family pictures after Easter Sunday service...and thank goodness because all of our Easter pictures were eaten by the camera. Well half of the pictures. Half of every picture unfortunately. We have a few that aren't completely cutting off Christians head, but I'm going to have to put his outfit back on and do some re shots. So sad. All the ones that we got outside of church...some really great ones of Christian and his dad, are gone. In keeping with being overly emotional in general, I did cry :) but I'm okay now. We have the memories right?

Well the memories and the pretend Easter shots I'm going to take after Christian wakes up from his nap.


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