Friday, April 23

A Space of His Own

So yesterday I asked Christian,
"would you like to try sleeping in your crib tonight?"

He spit out his pacifier and stared at me. "You mean alone?"

I explained to him that it wouldn't really be alone because Mommy and Daddy would be right down the hall and we would come check on him tons, so there was no need to worry.

Here is his response:
(I guess if I can't see him then I can't put him in his crib-smile)
But even though I told Chris that he probably wasn't ready (per our discussion earlier) we still tried the little guy out in his crib last night.

I didn't want to leave...he looked so small in that giant crib.

And just to prove Chris right, Christian didn't make a peep
(even though I checked on him at least 3 times- that I'll admit to)
and slept in that crib from 9:30 last night
6:30 this morning.

Such a big boy.

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