Wednesday, April 14

What's to come

Every time we have an internet switch over here at the Baksa house, I tend to lose a few days blogging. Well it happened again, the Internet has been down on the laptops and I don't get Chris' computer. Makes no sense to me. Where do I stick the memory card to upload the pictures? Anyone?

Hopefully tonight I will be able to post. Here is, what's to come:

  • 2 month old pictures along with new growth stats! We've got a big boy, in case you hadn't noticed. ;)
  • More Hair. I know you didn't think it was possible, but the kid has more hair.
  • Smiles! (finally caught on camera) The best one is on my cell phone, so I'll see about getting that to the computer...ugh this technology...what would I do without Chris.
  • A few shots of Christian in the crib. We are working on getting him familiarized with it. I'd love to keep him in our room for longer but he is getting really long...he's going to grow out of the bassinet soon.
  • New sleep updates, last night he slept from 11pm to 7am!
  • OH and more fabulous news! Christian has a cousin! Penelope Baksa was born on Sunday and is just the prettiest little girl. Chris and I can't wait to meet her! Mom and Dad and baby are doing great and we miss them so much. It was killing us to not be there.
Today Christian and I are going to do lots of laundry (hopefully), run to the grocery store, and try to get our new plants potted on the front porch. We'll see how Christian likes that. I'm trying to get him outside as much as possible now, while its still reasonable weather, come July he'll be stuck inside.

love, nic

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