Sunday, April 25

Gulfstream 5K

Saturday morning Christian "ran" his first 5K. His Uncle Jacob and Cousin Kylin were in the stroller division with us, Auntie Lindsay got third place (she rocks!) and Chris was a volunteer and recorded times.

Good times.

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog while google-searching "Gulfstream 5K"! (My husband and I were there too this past weekend)

    I find your blog interesting because I also just recently had a baby boy (in Dec '09) and I blog about him too! He's also a pretty big boy for his age! It's also nice to read about other new mommies who live in the Savannah area, too!

    If you like you can check my blog out. I try to update it every Sunday:

    Take care! You baby is a cutie!