Monday, June 8

What am I suppose to eat?

(yes- this is our real fridge...we are not on Cribs, so no, its not all organized, but check the smart water and the Dole juice...I'm getting my fluids- now we just need some food...)

What am I suppose to eat? I'm sitting here trying to make my grocery list, and I realize I have no clue what I am suppose to eat, as a pregnant woman. In fact, I mostly only know what I am NOT suppose to eat.
  • Deli Meats that aren't "steaming" hot
  • Brie
  • Wine (oh so sad)
  • Other soft cheeses
  • Swordfish, Grouper, Bass
  • Raw sushi (thank goodness Tempura Eel sushi is still okay!)
  • No sunny side up eggs
  • Sweet n Low
But what am I suppose to be eating? Lots of milk, lots of leafy veggies, and fruit. Who said this wasn't a diet? I took an online quiz today, lets see how you do:

Pregnant women are suppose to eat how many extra calories a day?
a) 300 (example: Cereal, banana, tea and milk)
b) 500 (example: Baked salmon, serving of asparagus, broccoli and a side salad)
c) 900 (example: All of that above and two pieces of bread with butter)

so...what do you think?



Wait for it....

"A" people! All that eating for two is not true. Actually, the way I feel now, I'd be lucky to get in 1/2 of A. I'm not sick or anything, I just think I'm really hungry and then I start eating, and then I'm done. Chris has ordered me large quantities of numerous things, only to see me eat half. That's all I can manage people. I'm sure this will catch up with me in a few months and then I'll be all, can I eat yours too? Cause I'm making up for that first trimester...

Off to the grocery store.

Love, Nicole

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