Tuesday, June 30


*Because you should give flowers when you say sorry*

Okay guys, let me apologize for the hiatus. I've been sleeping. Like a lot. But here I am. Let me update you on what has been going on as I snoozed after work.

  • We got a little ahead of ourselves. Chris and I thought we were at 9 weeks this week, but apparently we are only 8 weeks...I don't really get this counting thing. Its like your not 9 weeks until the day. Anyways, our due date is February 7th, so if you figure out exactly how far along we are, let me know.
  • We bought a cute little outfit! Its for the baby to go to the beach in. Pictures? Yes I thought so:

  • In order to NOT feel like I'm going to get sick we have figured out I need to eat every couple hours. Like a baby. ? Maybe its getting me use to it. Its really annoying. I forget a lot, feel horrible and do it all over again two hours later.
  • This week we think the baby is a boy.
  • Our baby has a built in playgroup. He/she of course is going to be great friends with cousin Jett and cousin Kylin, but there are also 4 girls pregnant in my church small group. 5 babies, 4 pregnant girls. :) We will have 3 boys, 1 girl, and one yet to be determined kiddo right up the street from us. Baby watch is as follows: 2 twin boys due sometime in August, 1 little boy due end of August, little girl due end of September, one little baby due in December, and then us in February. Disclaimer: We recommend you NOT drink the water at Mindy's house if you don't want to end up pregnant. :)
  • We love you all! Chris has promised to update next time....I know you'll hold him to it.

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