Monday, June 15

The Littlest Baksa

Today we went to the doctor's office to see our little piece of rice.
That's how big it is, the length of a half a piece of rice.
Tip for viewing little piece of rice: Click on the picture above to see it BIG SIZE.

We got to the doctor's office around nine am this morning, and got in to see the baby around ten.
Chris saw the baby right away, I didn't, and proceeded to worry for the both of us, "good mom training" as my friend later put it.

The doctor said that the little flicker on the screen was the babies heartbeat.
It was an amazing thing to see.
Our baby has a heartbeat.

Our baby.

It still does not sound real.

If you need help "reading" the picture above, the black oval is the sac the baby is in.
The white oval in the black oval, is the baby.
Cute huh?

This week our baby book says that the baby will double in size.
By Sunday it will be a 1/2 inch long.
The heart valves are developing, the brain is growing and the eyes are taking form.
Its a big week for baby.

Don't worry, Chris will make sure I get my vitamins.

Love, Nicole

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  1. That's the cutest "little peice of rice" I have ever seen!!!