Saturday, June 6

Loeki James Baksa

February 3, 2001-June 6, 2009

Our little guy, Loeki, passed away today, after complications with his kidneys. He was 8 years old. Loeki was born in Norman, Oklahoma and came to live with us when he was a few months old. Passing him back and forth between our college apartments, Loeki was a hit with everyone. When we moved to Colorado, you can bet Loeki was right there. He loved the mountains, and didn't mind the snow too much, although he would shiver often, just to make sure you felt bad for him. Being the traveling dog he was, Loeki didn't mind it one bit when we moved to Savannah. The warm weather suited him just fine and he really liked his new big fenced back yard and new brother Angelo. Loeki could be found tearing up dryer sheets, rolling around on his back, or even posing for pictures in his little tuxedo, to be used as table markers at his parents wedding last July. There was never a problem finding someone to watch Loeki, on the rare occasion that he did not come with us. He was very popular with all our friends. Acquiring such nicknames as Lokers-go-Brokers, LokeDog, Ruffles, and Low Key, Loeki was much more a part of the family than a pet. A family member that will be dearly missed.

We love you Loeki. Always will.

Chris & Nicole

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