Tuesday, December 29

Christmas in Savannah

Well all, we survived Christmas in Savannah. It was actually very relaxing, and that is not usually how our Christmas' go. Here are some shots from the day.

Our bar all a'glow.Holiday time for us means Mimosas..this year we had to "alter" them a bit... non alcoholic champagne with 50% less sugar OJ...they tasted awesome, really.One of Christians many presents from his family :) The kiddo got the following:
(and he's not even here yet!)
A navy pea coat (so adorable)
Tons of books (some in Spanish!)
Handmade sheets and clothes from his Great Aunts Dahlia and Lilia
Denver Nuggets house shoes from Uncle Pat
A Colorado Beanie
Socks! He so needed some socks and they are the cutest ones
and much much more
Finally finished the giant advent calendar...just in time for Christmas 2010! :)Advent calendar close up

Angelo with his Christmas present from Mommy & Daddy. He got this super soft blanket for his bed and he is pretty much in heaven.
Angelo chewing on a new toy from Uncle Pat.
Chris handing out presents on Christmas morn.
Notice "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" playing in the background.

Merry Christmas to all! We love you!

the Baksas

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