Thursday, December 17

Its (almost) a wrap

We are almost done with the room. Here is what we still have to get/make/do:

  • Orange Round Rug- I really want a shag (not too shag though...I need to be able to vacuum it) rug for the babies room. I at first had visions of him playing on it, but Chris informed me that he doesn't see me letting the babies feet touch the floor for the first year of his life, so maybe later right? haha. Funny Chris.

Fabric for curtains- I'm thinking orange and white with polka dots (thanks Mindy!). Now whether to go with orange with white polka dots or white with orange polka dots...? I want something bright that pops, but not too crazy nuts. I'm not making this child new curtains every year...these have got to last a little while. Which do you like?

Orange Pillow- I finally found the perfect blanket for the chair. Now all I need is the pillow. Honestly I'm not even sure if I need a pillow, or will use the pillow that much, but don't tell my husband. When I envisioned the room there was a cute orange pillow in the chair, and I think I need it. Again, which do you like?

Wall Monogram- I've held on this one because we have gone back and forth. Well, I've gone back and forth. Chris pretty much knows what he wants. There was Cristian Bishop. Then we dropped the Bishop. (its a bit much with the Cristian I think. We don't want to name the child Cristian Holy Arch Bishop or anything). Then we decided on Christian, so the kiddo won't have to constantly say, "no Cristian without the H", followed by, "no that's BAKsa, not, your back." So hopefully by Christmas Christian Baksa will have a full name and I can order his wall monogram. I've got a couple of options here...

Mobile: All I need to do is go get paper and figure out which pictures to use.

Art Work: I really need to figure out what pictures to put where, but this is usually the last thing I do once I have the rest of the room set.

I think that's it! Don't forget to tell me what you like above.

Love, coley

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  1. White with orange. And I LOVE the dog pillow, so cute. And the three initial monogram is great, very cool.