Tuesday, December 29

Bathroom Project

On the way back from one of my many doctors appointments today I took care of two things on my "To Do" List for Mr. Christians room and bathroom.

I found the material for the curtains! On crazy sale. $3.99 a yard. It's tangerine with large white polka dots. I had to special order it because they only had 3 yards in the store, but it should be here in 2 weeks! Cutting it close, I know. Since the material is not very light blocking I am going to pick up some black out shades at Home Depot. That room gets crazy sunlight, just ask anyone who has lived in there...am I right Lyndsay? :)

I also came up with an art project for the babies bathroom. Chris did not want me to paint the bathroom, well he probably just didn't want to have to do the painting, haha, so I wanted to make some fun art for the walls. Here's the plan.

I picked up 3 canvas' at Michaels', some ribbon and paint.
I am going to draw a silhoutte of a rhino, an elephant and a hippo, one on each canvas. I'm going to paint the animals brown and paint the rest of the canvas in aqua or orange.
I got that awesome ribbon up there to staple to the back of the canvas so I can hang it on the wall. The plan is to hang all three in the bathroom, and in between each I'm going to hang a hook for Mr. Christians hooded towels.

I also have to come up with some sort of storage in there since there is none...and find a place to hang the giraffe mirror. That and a new bright orange or blue shower curtain and I think we will be in business.

Here is the super cute monkey rug I got at my baby shower. I'm thinking of getting this other rug from target to go by the bathtub:Whata think?
Love, coley

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