Thursday, December 3

Nicole:1, Chris: 0

I did it folks.

I finally convinced Christopher James Baksa to get my dream stroller. Well "our" dream stroller. (its his dream too, he just doesn't know it yet) No really, he says he loves the stroller, but wanted to "explore our options" (his words, not mine) before "committing" (him again). Engineers. :)

All kidding aside he does have a point, we do have to drive this thing around for years to come. But he was convinced and he said yes. Yes!

In 3 to 5 business days, this will be arriving at my door. I may hug the UPS man.

Let me tell you how amazing this stroller know while I have a somewhat captive audience. See if I could have convinced you.

  • Everything that you see in Red snaps off this baby and can be washed in the washing machine. Seriously. Do I even need to go on? I mean have you seen a kids stroller? With the half eaten french fries and the pieces of old chicken nuggets squished down in the corners of the seat? Normally you can't wash those things. They tell you, "For cleaning we recommend a damp towel." A damp towel? what's that gonna do? Children are filthy. Filthy and adorable, but seriously not the cleanest creatures....
  • The baby can sleep in the bassinet part (with a stand) at night until its ready to move on to its crib. We plan to move the baby soon...maybe a month or so, so we didn't want to invest in another big piece of furniture, but this stroller comes with the bassinet! Win-win!
  • Its for tall people. Really. The baby sits way higher than most strollers so you don't have to bend way over to get the baby out. There is a "floating L bar" or something its called, in the front so you don't ever accidentally kick it. Yah, one for the tall people.
  • Minimal plastic. Did I mention its my goal to try and I say try because really its gonna be a hard fight, but I would like to try to keep the plastic to a minimum in our house. I want our house to continue to look like adults live here. At least part time.
  • Its beautiful. Chris didn't really go for this one as worthy of making the Pros list...but hey, I throw it out there for you.
  • Shocks and big wheels so you can use it for city use, jogging, walking, ect. No need for two strollers. Its also really light, so it cuts down on the need for an umbrella stroller as well.
  • It can be switched either way. Facing us, or facing out. Either piece, just snaps on whatever way you like it.
  • And one more for you good deal shoppers...we got $100 off on black Friday AND free shipping. I mean come on. That one even made Chris smile :)
Did I get you too? :)

Who cares! Its on the way :) haha.

I am SO excited.

Love, coley

Ps: Little baby Benjamin has promised to come over and let me give him a test ride in it as soon as it arrives! Yeah!

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  1. Hey Cole,

    I had to get caught up on reading the blogs....I can't wait to meet my new cousin!!! YAYYY!!! I def. need tons of pictures for my new place!!!! But I am reading these...LOVE U!!