Thursday, December 3

Oh yes, I have a blog

If having a baby is like having something enter your life, completely take it over, fill your entire brain and soul with worry, allow you to forget the day and month, and still be smiling...well my friends we are there.

This little man is not even here and he has pretty much consumed our entire lives. I eat, sleep, and dream Cristian. (still trying out that name...input much appreciated)

Apparently it is December. The month of Christmas. So they tell me.

We do have a tree. I consider us ahead of the game right there. It doesn't have anything on it yet, but give us until next week and its bound to at least get some lights. We have been so consumed I do not think either of us has really realized that Christmas is coming, with or without us.

I should at least go online and pick out some gifts via Amazon. Or gift cards or something. Where would you like your gift card from? (again, input much appreciated).

Let me fill you in on exactly what has been consuming all our time.

We did Thanksgiving in Oklahoma. Which was wonderful. I got in some quality time with the parentals. We got to see all my cousins and their kids (and the two cutest 2 month old twin baby girls!). We had a wonderful baby shower and got some of the sweetest presents. I got to hang with Jen and Em and Jess! I mean that pretty much seals it up for best holiday ever. We also did not take one picture because my charge is apparently not holding in my camera. Nice. All you snap happy people there, I need some pics.

On the way back we broke some sort of packing world record and managed to fit a swing, a full size BABY SWING in our luggage. Along with 90 baby outfits (thank you baby Jett!), wipes, blankets, cards and tons of other baby stuff. I do not know how we did it but people it was an amazing site to behold. (we take pride in our packing over here :) Did you know the new price for an overweight bag is $90?! Insane I know.

Oh, I picked up a sore throat along the way. Score!

What else....our plane got delayed by numerous hours, but hey, we made it back safe and sound, and I"m still here to blog about it.

All in all, its been an amazing few weeks. I'm back now, so leave some comments sometime so I know you are out there reading this :)

love, coley

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  1. Hey Coley.....This is Rebekah...I love the stroller...Good Job...Now I know you stated the battery in the camera inst working but hey girl I need belly pictures......GET A NEW ONE!!!!! HAHAHAHA