Wednesday, December 16

First time in 28 years....

Chris and I are staying in Savannah this Christmas. Not by choice, but by baby. He's grounded us until he's ready to make his appearance into this world.

So this marks the first time Ever that Chris or I have not been at home on Christmas day. I fully expect tears from the mothers :( Heck, they should fully expect tears from us! I just said heck didn't I? We are so moving from Georgia.

We have decorated the house and tried to make it very festive, so we won't be too sad come Christmas morning. I guess this is what its like to start your own family...sometimes you can't go home and you just have to make home where you are.

Here's our best attempt:

Some friends of ours got us this says "congrats to the parents to be"

Our banister:We got this ornament from friends when we moved into our house. We try and get a special one each year.

I got this plane for Chris as his ornament this year.

This ornament is for our little Loeki. We miss him so much.

This is our special ornament from last year, our first Christmas day it will have a wedding picture in it :)

I had to get a "B"...I seem to have gathered a lot of them around this house...

This is our special ornament for this year. Next years we'll get baby's first Christmas for the little guy :)

I am making an advent calendar in our bookcase. One day (soon) all of the white packages will be wrapped and I'll put black #'s on them, 1 thru 25, and fill them with little things we can do leading up to Christmas. And candy of course :) Its our new tradition.

Our tree! The star went out the second day we put it up. Nice. I'm waiting for the day after Christmas sales to get a beautiful angel I think.

I made this centerpiece for the kitchen table.

Here is a picture of our outside lights. Chris isn't done yet, but here's his start.

Merry Christmas!

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