Wednesday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day

Christian went to his first St. Patrick's Day Parade today. He stayed awake for about 12 minutes of it and slept the rest. It was all the fun he could handle. :) His Grandma Baksa bought him a fun bib and a onesie to wear for the big day. Thank you Grandma!We got him this little hat, which is pretty much hilarious, and mostly just for our entertainment since he didn't actually wear it to the parade.
We are getting a little better at packing the little guy for trips and managed to get everything we needed to the parade from our car in one trip. We still took more than we needed, but better safe than sorry right? He was a perfect little baby and had a great time with his Auntie Alicia.How cute are they?
And here's Dad hanging out with Timmy. Chris and I had a good time too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Hope yours was as great as ours!

The Baksas


  1. I had the best time with you all! So glad you all came out. Crhistain did so wonderful and is such a sweet baby!!

  2. Forgot to mention how cute is my hubby in that picture with Chris. Just love that face he is making.

  3. AJ- we had so much fun with you too! And Timmy cracks me up in that pic. U guys coming out tomorrow? Hope so!