Wednesday, March 17


Okay, I know that in the future I will most likely begin a post with, "Christian is just the best child ever born because" and you will roll your eyes because seriously everyone says that about their kid right? Their child is a prodigy. He can read at 2, he can play basketball like Michael Jordan, he's probably going to be president...but seriously people, let me just say,

I have the best child ever!

I put the little man to bed last night at 11pm. We usually try and get him in by 10 or so, but honestly we were watching Lost and time got away from us. I know Parents of the Year. So anyways, I get him all ready for bed, take him upstairs and put him in the bassinet. About an hour later Chris and I went to bed. We were planning on getting up at 6am or so to get ready to go down to the St. Patrick's Day parade. When Chris' alarm went off at 6am, I shot up. Was I dreaming? I didn't get up with the baby last night. Chris did you get up with the baby last night? What? No?! And he's still sleeping. And its 6:30am? Excuse me?!

That little man slept until 6:45am...that's 7 hours and 45minutes..IN A ROW. In a ROW people. Not broken up in 2 hour increments.

If he could talk, I'd give him whatever he asked for.

I feel like a new woman. One that slept. :)


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