Tuesday, March 30

New Pics

Here's the little guy on his way for a night out on the town :)

We've been experimenting with different ways to style his hair..here's our try at the fauxhawk. His hair is getting really long people. We are going to have to make some decisions soon. At least with the sides...they are out of control.

Are these train pants adorable or what?

See people I wasn't kidding...look at it! And this is my attempt at taming it :)

Here are the boys of the house hanging out.
More pictures to come, can you believe the little guy will be 2 months old tomorrow!?!
I cannot. How is that possible?
He has turned out lives upside down in the best possible way.
I can't imagine him not being here now.
He is so much fun.


  1. I didn't think it was possible for him to become more beautiful...but alas, it has happened. Keep your eyes open...people will try to steal him if you don't watch him closely. He's just so adorable. I love you guys.

  2. Hands off the hair Mom. That's where my strength is! - Christian.

  3. Who posted that for Christian? :) so funny!