Thursday, March 11

Christians Prerogative

So this is really an open letter to the UPS man, the mail woman, the trash men and yes you, especially you, Angelo (our dog for now). Haha...only half kidding Angelo.

You will notice that not only does the dog have a bib on in this picture (hilarious!), there is a margarita, a cheese ball and a bottle on the table :) ahhh, my new life. Oh and you can see I'm making him sit for this picture...oh the torture. Its payback I tell ya.

Christian has set his standards for sleep. If its going to be loud when he sleeps, it needs to be really really loud. Like we are talking 40 people yelling at each other across a room loud. If it can maintain this level of ridiculous loudness, then he will sleep all day long. No stirring. Nothing. He's out.
Christian would be passed out at this club. :) Not that I would ever take my baby to club, but if I did, I'm telling you he'd never know because he would sleep right through it.

Now if its going to be quiet while he is sleeping, it needs to be just that. Quiet. Silent. There should be no doorbells, no knocks at the door, no dishwashers washing, no icemakers making ice, and most of all NO DOGS barking or running up and down the stairs like they are crazy. When he does sleep during the day, which we have seen none of these last 4 days, I am even afraid to type on the computer. Just last week I was typing an email and the clicking woke him up. Let me say that again, the CLICKING woke him. Its not like I have a typewriter people.

One thing I have no concern about...Christians hearing. He could literally hear this pin drop. In fact he's squirming right now because I got a little to0 vigorous with my typing. Seriously.

For some reason the few times he does agree to sleep during the day, this is exactly when the UPS man wants to ring the doorbell and run back to his truck. Why even ring the bell if your just going to leave it out there? Seriously?! Just leave the dang thing, we will in fact open the front door one day and find a package there. This of course makes Angelo hysterical and he persists to run to the front window, look at the truck, howl, then run upstairs and look out the upstairs window and do the same. He sounds like 7 cows thundering up the stairs when he runs. Its ridiculous. As though the front window was not good enough, he also needs an aerial view in order to make the determination of exactly how loud he should be barking. He knows he's not getting out there. He knows that has never happened...but just maybe this time. This scene usually leads to me hissing at him to shut up before you wake the baby! And is quickly followed by crying as the baby wakes up.

Now Christians sleep schedule is not all this extreme. For the lasts 4 nights he has gone to bed at 10 pm and slept until around 4:00am! 6 hours people. I love you baby. One day you can tell your little sister or brother that because of your sleeping 6 whole hours in a row at 5 weeks old, we decided to have him or her. They owe you.

Either way, tiptoeing around the house, or turning on all the tvs, the stereo and yelling loudly... I'm loving every minute of it. Even when we get a visit from the UPS man.


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