Thursday, March 11

New Rule

The new rule is as follows.....

If you, the reader, calls me and yells, demands, or questions this blogs lack of updates or pictures, you the reader, must leave a comment, when I do in fact put the pictures you have requested up. :)

I get all this hounding and no comments! Its not okay :) haha. Sometimes I'm typing with one hand here people, while holding a baby and a bottle in the other. I need the comments. Consider it my compensation for all the cute baby pics. That and I'll be less freaked out when you mention something from the blog to me in person...if you left comments I'd know you are reading :)



  1. I loved the lastest blog. It was hilarious. I wonder where you got your sense of humor --- hmm...I think from me. LOL - I also like the corresponding pictures - the pin, the night club, etc. I want to say again that you are just amazing - so creative. I miss you like heck and love you lots. MOM - P.S. I just learned how to leave a comment. Go Mom. Smile