Wednesday, March 3

I love these pictures

This ones for you Maureen. Here he is in his Auntie Mo Mo's outfit. Its been so cold here, he's being getting some serious wear out of it. :)
This is Christian and his Papa. This is right before my dad left to go home. Christian misses you so much! We all do. Can't wait to see you soon.
I love this one. This is Christian and his Mimi. Looks like he's crying but we just caught him in a yawn. He loved having his Mimi here.
Now this is my favorite. Christian with his beary. Oh so cute.

He looks so old here! Like he's really thinking of something.
Sidenote: we gotta do something about those sideburns...coming up, Christians first haircut :) haha...oh I don't know if I can do it...but you should see the back now, its SO long.

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