Monday, April 11

Birthday Pictures

Our little Christian turned one...2 months ago. I figured I'd better post these pictures before he doesn't look like the same kid, since he is changing every day.  Chris asked me how he can still be growing so much since he NEVER eats.  Like anything.  And yet his 12-18 month pants are now officially highwaters.  Isn't that the word?

Before I post these I first have to say Happy Birthday to the cutest little girl ever, Miss Penelope! She is one year old today and I know that her mommy and daddy are giving her tons of kisses and love.  Please tell her that her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin love her very much and can't wait to see her soon.  Presents are in the mail! 
Waiting for cake

The theme was monkeys and we did red and sky blue decorations. 

Loved the cake!
Cupcakes for the little ones
Seemed like he was okay at first...

Then he tasted it...and gagged!

Present time!

Christians friend Benjamin helping out


Mindy and Ben

Danielle and Diana

Riding his train

Jodi and Christian

The kids had a great time playing in the backyard

Pretty sure this is Cayden...his twin Caleb was at the party too :)

Christian and Kylin had the best time "talking" to each other through the window

Christian with the Browns

Wagon ride in his birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Baksa

His awesome carrier from Tia Carmita

Birthday suit ha ha

C had the best time carrying this balloon around the house (super cute overalls compliments of Grandma B)

Smock from the Baksas :) So cute.

Birthday outfit from Grandma B

Birthday Elmo backpack


My little guy has come a long way from this

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