Tuesday, April 26

Easter 2011

This Easter we took Christian to a Saturday Easter egg hunt at our friend Chrissy's church.  They had a petting zoo, bouncy houses and hot dogs.  Christian won a prize & insisted on picking the blue bunny below...even though we were trying to get him to take the game :)  I guess he knows what he wants, he's been carrying it around for days.  :)

This is little C waiting for the go ahead to start looking for eggs.  Aren't his little shoes great?! Thanks Grandma B.

He's ready for the hunt...if he would put that bunny down~!

Kylin, Jacob, Kylins cousin Jacob, Christian & Chris

Chris and I were amazed that Christian picked up the eggs! He didn't want to let go to put them in the basket, but he picked them right up.

Christian and Kylin

Off to get more eggs

He even carried his basket (some of the time)

No we are not getting a bunny

Or a camel, Chris :)

This little horse is a biter so he had to use the cup!

What is Christian staring at so seriously?

This guy :)

We figured Christian would love a pony ride, right?

Not so much :)

He clings to Chris for safety

Kylin enjoyed her ride

My cute boys

Chrissy, Chris & Christian

Christian had such a good time

I came out from behind the camera for this pic.  How cute is my little guy?
Sunday we went to church and took our annual Easter family picture.  We get it this Sunday, so I will scan and post it here.  Can't wait to compare it to our last years photo when C was only 2 months old.  He has changed so much in a year.  Last year he was practically sleeping in line while I rocked him.  This year he was dancing in line and singing to himself.  Well--before he took off running and tried to get in another families picture.  I guess he figured, who wouldn't want a cute curly haired boy in their family picture?

I couldn't think of anyone who wouldn't, Christian.

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