Monday, April 4

Spring Is Here

Already in his summer "uniform"

After a week of rain, spring has sprung! We are very happy to be able to go outside and play everyday.  I'm especially happy that Christian stopped standing at the door yelling, "Go-go" all day long. 
I imagine he's wondering if I have anything better to do than take his picture right now, what a look

We have been cleaning out drawers, cleaning floors, and working on a new plan for our yard.  The biggest news is GRASS! We are getting GRASS! Some of you may remember that we tried to "fix" our grass on our own. We won't be doing that again. Ever. Mostly because we only made it worse.  If that was possible.  It's like deciding to dye your own hair.  It isn't going to be pretty. 

First thing Thursday Envy Lawn Services will arrive to rip up our spotty grass and replace it with fabulous golf course grade-A centipede grass.  I am so excited! I'll show you the progress as we go along...its suppose to take seven days...we'll see.  I can't wait to actually sit in the (GREEN) grass and it not be dirt or the medusa grass we have going on in the backyard. 

Its going to be almost as awesome as this smile:

love, Coley

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