Tuesday, April 5

A Need for a Simpler Life

I have been thinking a lot about ways to make our life over here in the Baksa home simpler.  I wouldn't say things got even crazier for us after Christian was born, but that doesn't mean that's not exactly what happened.  I'm just not admitting it.  We run around, here and there, mail stacks up, Christian grows out of something every five minutes, work events, wedding planning, parties, dinners, last minute get togethers.  Its not that I want to stop doing things.  Chris and I aren't happy unless we are doing a hundred things, but maybe we would be.  Its worth a try. I mean I've just recovered from us thinking it was a good idea to move into a new house, plan a wedding and send him to school for his MBA all at the same time.  And that was almost three years ago.  

Maybe we should start small.  A clutter free home means a clutter free mind, right?

I keep thinking back to my insane idea about four children.  FOUR.  Yes, as in three more.  I'm not going to lie and say that as I type that sentence I am not in agreement with you that I may very well be crazy.  But, crazy or not, I just can't help it.  I have always wanted a big family and no matter how Christian rocked our world (in lots of good ways too!) I still can't shake that feeling that there are at least three more little Baksas waiting to join us. 
Our missing Baksas???Ha!*
I use to hear women say that when they sat at the dinner table they felt like someone was missing until they had their next child.  Before I had Christian I use to think those women were weird.  Seriously your sitting at the table imaging someone else that isn't even born yet? I'm usually focused on the food...Now that I've had Christian all I can think is, seriously you have time to think at the dinner table.  I'm lucky if I get to eat my food before its cold AND avoid getting hit in the head by a flying Mickey Mouse fork because Christian is, ALL DONE, or "Awwlll Nunnn!" as he puts it. 

Regardless of this simpler mindset,  I'm still on this large family kick...its been going strong since I could speak apparently.  Old thoughts die hard.  So if I'm going to do this, and more importantly convince Chris we should do this, I can't think of a better time to SIMPLIFY.  More kids will mean more chaos, more bodies will mean more stuff.  More stuff can not go in that garage.  (I'd show you a picture of the garage...but Chris would probably stop talking to me :)

Our home, our schedules, the insane tower of magazines taking over the table...the laundry that gets out of control much more often than its ever under my control...So number one on my list is to TOSS.
This may look semi organized but you don't want to see all the stuff we've crammed in those green striped baskets

Step 1. Throw away/donate a lot of stuff.  Shoes, clothes Chris has had since high school (TEN years ago), clothes that don't fit (me..today),  paper, there is so much paper, purses (this one will hurt, but there is no use pretending that I will ever carry a bag smaller than a small child for like the next five years), ect. ect.  I feel like when we straighten the house its really just pushing the ridiculous amount of stuff we have back into every drawer we have. 
It's Tuesday, by Friday you won't be able to see this table.  Then I'll clean it and we'll start all over again! Yeah!

I'm off! Let you know how it goes,

*image from www.urbanmamas.com

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