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Defined as: 1. Of or prompted by feelings of tenderness or nostalgia: example: Nicole Baksa

I am sentimental.  Mushy, romantic, nostalgic.  I have always thought it was important to properly document life's stages, so that I can relive those memories.  I do this for the people in my life as well.  The very first present I gave to Chris, before we were ever a couple, was a scrapbook of our freshmen year, The Freshman Experience as I called it.  Thankfully my husband is as nostalgic as I am.  (He has ALL of his college notebooks so he can remember going to class and being a student...seriously)

Looking back I have books documenting my senior year, trips, our wedding, moving to Savannah, you name it.  I still have the movie stubs to the first movie Chris ever took me to. I've got my prom tickets from highschool.  I think you are beginning to understand why I wrote that post on decluttering my home.  (I do keep these "keepsakes" in photo albums so they aren't taking over our home)

You can imagine having Christian sent me into sentimental overdrive.  I tried to think of ways I could document how this tiny little person changed my life in every way.  I do keep up with his baby book, but that's pretty normal, especially for the first baby :) (poor second children).  
Chris & I kept up with how big..err GIANT I got :)

I got this little red notebook when I was 18 weeks pregnant with Christian.  I wrote notes to my little guy before I knew he was a little guy.  I wrote his birth story before I got the chance to forget it.  I write short little updates on what he did/learned weekly.  I write down things I want to be sure to tell him.  I write how much he means to me.  

I was reading in the new Real Simple magazine about an author that has created a Mom Book for herself.  Every holiday when she would get a card from her children (she has 9! Eek!) she would have them draw a picture or write a message in a book.  This way she could keep all their notes and drawings, but she wouldn't get nine cards three times a year. 

I'm going to get a book this Mothers Day for Chris to help Christian write in.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

I told Chris my (stolen) idea and he of course wants a Dad Book as well...

We were meant to be I tell ya. 

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