Monday, August 10

Written...not yet posted.

Hello all-

We have not dropped off the face of the earth I assure you. Although Emma and Jen I did get both of your messages inquiring about this very thing, and I promise to call you both today to prove that we are alive and well. All three of us.

Yesterday this pregnancy officially moved into the second trimester as we are now 14 weeks. Fourteen. It doesn't seem real. We are SUPER behind on updating, but in our defense, not much has changed. Well a little.

After what has felt like, running around with our heads "cut off" all summer, I think we have gotten a handle on what needs to be done. Here's what we've come up with. Prepared to be "wowed" by our organizational skills.

  • We have made a list of gigantic proportions of everything that has to be done at the house before this little baby is born. Preferably before I'm 8 months pregnant. This list consists of but is not limited to, painting the hall-me, building storage for the garage-chris, making curtains for the kitchen-me, pretty much reorganizing of all areas-us...there are 27 home "projects" in all. Oh my.
  • We have planned a trip to Jacksonville to look at baby gear, and spent last Saturday testing strollers and furniture shopping. We came home with lots of great possibilities.
  • We are finally going to take all that stuff in the garage to GoodWill. Thanks to the organizing talents of Chris Baksa, who spent all day Sunday digging around in the garage and convincing me that I didn't need those lights from Ikea I bought two years ago and never hung.
  • Up with the bar, in with baby jail. :) We have decided that sometime in the future the bar will go upstairs in the office (along with the mini fridge) in order to clear some much needed space for the swing, the play mat thing I apparently have to have, the pack in play, ect. ect. This way we can have an area for the baby to roll around (safely- gated off) and it still doesn't take over our living room.
  • We were very sadly told that we are not allowed to go, tear, anywhere for Christmas, so we will be in Savannah Georgia come December. It better be cold. If not, I'm cranking the AC up and getting that fake snow spray for the windows. Since we must see the families, we are going to be in Colorado in October (times to be determined) and Oklahoma in November. So if you have plans to be gone in one of those months, let me know so I can try and switch stuff around. Yes I mean you, Aunties Darcie and Maya. You too are always jetting off when I'm headed there :)

So we have many posts to put up, some of which are even written (Chris says he has something coming...) and we are going to get them up this week. Hopefully we can get the babies heartbeat here, so you can click and hear it, and I will post a picture of the stomach for all you who have been asking weekly if I'm, "finally showing yet?!". I tell you I'm at that stage of just looking fat. Its really not cool, but hey if you want to see it, that's what I'm here for.

So heartbeat, pictures and the furniture we LOVE, all to come this week. And maybe names....we'll see.

Love, nicole

Doctor Appt Update: We go to the doctor Aug 11th at 9:30am- we are hoping that the doctor tells us we get to find out the babies sex at our next appointment in September! Start putting in your bets. Baby Girl or Baby Boy Baksa?

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  1. Awww!! I knew you had to be in the 2nd trimester by now-that is awesome!! If you need any help with those 27 things please call me! Hope you and Chris are doing well, luv ya! Amy