Sunday, August 30

17 Weeks & Prepping the Room

Hello all. We are updating like crazy today, right?

We are officially at 17 weeks today and the bump is growing. Finally! The belly measured 1 inch more than last week.

I went maternity shopping last week. I decided to take the plunge into maternity wear. I got a bunch of pants and skirts, and am so happy for it. So much more comfortable. No more keeping my pants together with a hair tie or that belly band thing. I am still in the market for shirts and a pair of jeans, but no luck so far. I'm tall and I need 34 inch inseams, none of this 32 inch stuff they are selling in the stores. Still working on getting Chris on board with the 7's or True Religion's I've been eyeing....

While I was out I picked up a few things for Chris and a few things for baby. I bought the cutest leggings for a baby you have ever seen. We are talking seriously adorable. See for yourself.
(I would have picked up something for a baby boy, but cute boy clothes are hard to find...)

When I got home Friday I had 2 surprises. Sitting in the middle of the living room floor was a giant box from Emma. I must have pulled out 20 maternity shirts. Plus two really cute sweaters and tons of other stuff. thanks Emma! I was so excited.

And surprise number 2? My awesome husband left a sticky note on the box that said, "this is not your only surprise today, come upstairs." As I got to the top of the stairs, I turned the corner to our bedroom. The door was shut and the note on the door said, "Nope, not here." I headed down the hall to see the same signs on the laundry room door, the hall bathroom and the guest room. The room that is going to be the babies, the room that had red walls and tons of furniture in it when I left Friday morning, now had white primed walls and was empty! Ohh and flowers. I have nice husband.

It looked wonderful. Made it that much more real to me. We are having a baby! It gets to live here with us. Even though I live it every single day, feeling different and weird pains, and nothing still seems surreal that this is actually happening.

I'm sure its only going to get more believable from here on out.

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