Friday, August 21

IF, its a boy!

(from Little Apple Design)

Okay- if we have a boy we love this aqua/orange theme. See below for the details on what we would actually do to each of the #'s above.

  1. Would love to use these colors for bedding and the curtains; also possibly a pillow for the chair.

  2. I want an upholstered chair; probably in brown micro suede or maybe a white (afraid for its life though) that way it can go live in 0ur living room or office later.

  3. Love the pillow

  4. cute

  5. I want to find a little side table for bottles and stuff to put next to the chair. I love this one. I'm hoping to find something at an antique store and paint it Aqua like this. We don't want all the furniture to be brown, brown, brown.

  6. I want a shaggy rug like this, but I want it in orange and I want a big round circle for the middle of the room.

  7. I think this is suppose to be the ottoman for the chair...kind of looks like a big bean bag. I want to get the ottoman that goes with the upholstered chair we are getting. I'll post pictures later.

  8. So cool. I want to do a fun light fixture in the room. Probably will go with white so that if we decide to do a ceiling fan at some point I can use this fixture in another room easily enough.

  9. The valance...I need to do curtains b/c that room gets crazy sunlight so we are going to invest in some light blocking curtains or shades or something.

  10. Love the bench- This one looks like they made it. I want to try and pick something like this up from Ikea maybe. I'd love it to be orange, and I want it to have cubbies in the bottom for books and toys at the babies level.

  11. ditto

  12. I think this is wall art or something. Not sure I'm going to get all "animal prints" in here.

  13. I think they are pointing to the city scape, which is really cool. I like that a lot. Chris had the idea of doing something with airplanes maybe. I don't know if I get why they have animals and the city scape but whatever. Silhouettes of animals walking along the orange road would be very cool.

  14. ?

  15. Cute art if we decide to do animals, which I think is a cute idea.

  16. Love the white geometric mobile. Want it.

  17. I LOVE the wall paint. I want to do the blue on the bottom half of the wall, a thick orange line about the height of the crib and then white above that. This way I have a lot of white wall for bright art and it keeps the room looking open and bigger, but there is still color on the wall, which is a big deal for me.

  18. I'm guessing that this is the dresser, our pick is in the post with the crib below.

  19. I so need to find out where this is from because I love it. I want to do a growth chart and we have the perfect wall for this giraffe. Plus it just looks cool. Its not too babyish and I really like the silhouette look.
20. See a few posts ago to see the crib we love.

Since our furniture is dark espresso and the chair will most likely be dark chocolate too, I really want to work to get the bright orange rug and some fun blue curtains so as to not let the brown take over.

What do you think?


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