Saturday, August 22


  • today....i will gather supplies to make these, for the bedroom (thinking yellow and white)...for the kitchen (in red)...oooh and these would be really cool over our big a bunch of shades of blue (we need some color in there)...i reserve the right to go completely overboard with these because they are cheaply made....
  • today...i will go see if this little laptop is my birthday hearts desire (28th birthday...gulp)
  • today....i will buy a new purse. Not sure which purse, but I've been wanting, "needing" something new for a while now. I'm thinking bright color. I'd love a canary yellow or purple, but a bright red would be more practical to transition into fall. Oh-a kelly green would be nice. Anyways, I will know it when I see it, and I hope to come home with something not grey or black.
  • today.....i will hunt for those prenatal vitamins that Lindsay gives me by the handfuls every time I see her...I know they are some where in this house.
  • today....i will say goodbye to the last house guests. The Baksa Bed & Breakfast is officially closed for the 2009 summer season. Its been fun, but I am more than ready to be able to go grab something from the kitchen without having to put pants on.
  • today...i will have a good day.

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