Wednesday, August 19

What we like, really really like

A few weeks back Chris and I went baby gear browsing. We did it all. Strollers, Car seats, Furniture, Bedding, and Chairs. We sat, we pushed, we (attempted to) fold strollers...

Here is what we came back loving.

The Crib. We both Love this crib. Of course it costs more than the perfectly nice crib that is in the #2 position, but I've been researching and we may find it a little more in budget. Why is it the things you love are never in budget. (like that wedding dress...)

Here it is in all its solid wood expresso glory:

And the dresser:

And the stroller that I almost couldn't bare to part with...

That bassinet part hooks on to the wheels of the stroller so you can change them out. How cute is that? We love the red too. I'm 100% sold, Chris is about at an 80 I'd say. I'm not too worried because this is coming home with us. You can even use the bassinet part in your house (it has a stand) to let the baby sleep in! That double-duty factor bought some extra points with Chris. He was like, "Wha? We could avoid buying ANOTHER bed for the baby to sleep in? Besides the other two beds we already have to buy! (crib and pack and play)" (try and put a hint of sarcastic disbelief on that "have", then you'll fully grasp that sentence)

We found some amazing bedding at one of the stores we went to, by Little Giraffe. I thought Chris was going to climb in that crib. It was silk on one side and super soft chenille on the other. I have to admit it was spectacular. Spectacularly $700. Ha Ha. So going to happen. We did have the idea that a certain very crafty mother-in-law might be so inclined to help us make this bedding though....maybe when we visit her in Colorado we'll happen to drop off a lot of silk and see what she thinks. :) Our original plan was that I was going to make the bedding, but lets face it, her final product would be way better.

Well I am off to lunch (so writing this at work). Stomach picture coming your way. I am going to try and get Chris to take it tonight. We can't tell much difference so we are going to take some good advice and start measuring the bump. We'll start taking the pictures closer to every week or every other week since we've been told I should start popping out sometime soon. Can't wait!

Love, Nicole

Next Doc. Visit: 9/9/09: Taking more blood (last time, they promised!) and testing

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  1. OMG, awesome choice on the furniture. Couldn't have done better myself. Surrounded by such taste this (as yet unnamed and ungendered) fetus will be a gay man yet.

    Chris, don't freak out.

    Nicole, don't get too excited.