Sunday, August 30

A Guest Post by Dad

Hi everybody, it’s about time that I do my part and write a post. Nicole has been doing a great job keeping you all informed of her pregnancy. I'm gonna tell you all what my experience has been thus far and what I have learned as a new-dad-to-be.

1) First off, it’s a lot fun to tell everyone the good news. I've never seen more smiles or heard more joy in my parent’s voices than when we told them about the baby. I'm sure not everyone gets to experience a fun phone call like that (like those kids on MTV's 16 and Pregnant) but just about everyone is excited about a new baby.

2) Its like taking High School health class all over again. Quick: What's the difference between the placenta and the amniotic sac? How early can you detect a fetal heartbeat? I feel like I'm half way to being done with med school.
But it’s cool though. All this new anatomy knowledge just makes this experience that much more miraculous! The complexity and elegance of creating a new person makes you scratch your head in amazement. Thanks be to God.

3) amazing as a new baby is, it can be kind of unexciting at the same time. Even going to the doctor doesn't seem like a big deal. If they don't find anything abnormal, they don't really need to see you. Take a few measurements, give Nicole a once over and you're out the door. I'm sure Nicole might say otherwise, but making a baby seems pretty easy. Bake on 98.6 degrees for 9 me when the timer goes off (only half-kidding Cola :)).

4. I'm pumped to be a new father. I get to decide the kid's name, I’ll have a say in how s/he dresses and get to raise him the way I think a kid should be raised. A few of our friends have had kids recently and it has gotten me really excited about having one of my own. It will be cool to have a little Chris (or Christina) running around here.

5. Everyone tells me that my life is going to be turned upside down come February. I can only half-imagine the work it takes to raise a child, so I’m sure my mind will be blown when the time comes. But that’s in February. For right now…..Nicole and I are going to enjoy this time in our life. It’s the last time it will be just the two of us. We have some trips planned to see family and friends which will be great and in between traveling we will be kicking it here with G_Lo enjoying our home and getting ready for baby.


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