Friday, January 1

Window (Internet) Shopping

Happy New Year everyone! As Chris plays Call of Duty I am doing a little, "wouldn't it be nice to buy whatever I wanted for the baby" window shopping. :) I'm not really purchasing any of this super cute stuff, but hey its fun to look, right?

Here's what I'd get:
Gap infant striped railroad jeans. How stinkin cute are these? I seriously think Christian needs them. Don't you? :)

Emu infant booties. These actually stay on little feet and they are just too cute. Love them.

Push present anyone? This is an Amethyst gemstone, February's due in with me? This ring is obviously amazing and I'm just hoping for something pretty, but its nice to dream huh? :)
Chris would love these for the little guy!This is adorable. A tiny little kelly green sweater...

So cute. Nordstroms has the best stuff. I seriously need to move back in the near vicinity of one....well I'm sure Chris doesn't mind.... ;)

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